Monday, February 21, 2011

The ABCs. E is for...Electric Blue

I'm playing the ABC game along with Tatterbeans.
So this week it's E. Any image that starts with E. It can be a photograph, a piece of art, craft, anything.
I have to admit, E was a challenge for me, until I realized I had titled this abstract painting of mine Electric Blue.
I painted this one on masonite board with acrylics. I also used crayons and pencils for added texture. I like the feel of painting on masonite - it's so solid and different from canvas.

Anyway, anyone  is welcome to play along on this ABC game. Have fun with it!
I'll see you next week with F. Hmmm. Another tricky one...


  1. I love that painting.... I have always been drawn towards abstract stuff...
    And yes F is going to be a tricky one .... thinking caps on lol

  2. I never would of think about it!!...grate job!!

  3. i love this painting, especially the blue. i must admit, i am getting addicted to seeing what you all come up with each week for your alphabet letter. this has turned into a great little challenge.

  4. Heather, this painting is stunning! I could just stare at it for hours. I love the depth of color and that amazing blue.

    I've wanted to try painting on masonite. Do you buy the big sheets of it and cut it down? And do you need to prep with anything other than gesso to keep the oils from seeping through? Hope you don't mind the questions--I've just been dreaming of it, and this painting really makes me want to do it. :)

    Thanks Heather!

  5. Thanks Amanda! : ) I did buy a big sheet of masonite at Home Depot, and you can get it cut there. I had a big sheet cut in half. And all you have to do is prep with gesso. I used acrylic on this, but oils work fine too.
    You should definitely try it! It's just a different texture and feel.
    Thanks for your support!
    have fun trying it out!

  6. Excellent! Thanks so much for sharing. I saw those giant boards last time I was at Menard's and thought "oooh, now that looks interesting!" Hee hee. I'll definitely add it to my list.