Sunday, December 26, 2010

An after Christmas Snow Angel for everyone...

Hi fellow bloggers!
Well, Christmas is indeed over. Sounds like everyone had a good one from all the posts I've read. Ours was fun but hectic! I've stayed up till the wee hours so many nights in a row, prepping for the Holiday, and our  road trip  to visit family in Utah. (Christmas Part 2) The kids were beyond excited, but are now beyond bored after 9 hours in the car so far!! Vegas is right outside my window at the moment. Hi are so sparkly and pretty...bye Vegas!! Traffic has been terrible . Don't travel this way on the day after Christmas Day if you can help it! That's my advice.
Well we are headed for snow and lots of fun, so I'll sign off for now.
Have fun everyone, and enjoy your New year celebrations!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm a blogging newbie... and Happy Holidays!

So here goes. My first ever blog. : ) In the midst of all the holiday madness, I'm creating holiday themed art and selling it on etsy and in a local craft mall. It's mixed media and the vibe is sort of a vintage - y Christmas. Antique ornaments and tinsel is the feeling.   I love pink and glitter. Can't help it!
But now I'm done - got to focus on the holidays! I'm pretty much ready... just a few more gifts to wrap, and packing too! So  I'm keeping this post brief. I'm just really happy I got this to work. Happy Holidays to all. May you have good times with your family and friends. : ) Cheers!