Monday, February 7, 2011

ABC. C is for....collage!

...and Cerulean Blue. One of my favorite colors to paint with.  I'm playing the ABC blog game along with Tatter Beans Photography~ 
Every week we find a new image to post with a letter of the alphabet.  C was a bit of a challenge for me until I really thought about it for a minute. If you want to play along, just link up your C image below in comments.

And now I'd like to add one more image to this...C is for Chair. I absolutely love this photo. It was taken by my Dad who is also an artist. Gary Max Norton. He doesn't have a blog yet...he's learning. If we didn't live all the way across the country from each other I'd help him set one up! is his photograph...


  1. Its funny how we find it a challenge until we think about it and there is the answer... I was the same this week...I do love this ... is it going in your shop?

  2. wonderful!!..I love your work!!...I am glad you join us...we are growing slowly but surely!!!;^P

  3. Thanks you two! Yes, I bet it will grow slowly but surely. This IS in my shop, it's been there a while, just got buried !

  4. Something tells me you are soon to become a Former Undiscovered Artist of Etsy! Beautiful works! Wow!