Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog Party 2011

Welcome all from the Ultimate Blog Party 2011! Here is my little art blog.♥ This is where I post new things I'm creating and promote my art shop on etsy. I'm also a sahm, so I have some mommy ramblings in here too...
I just started this blog in December, so I'm still new to blogging and having fun with it.
If you want to follow along my journey as an Artist/Mom I will try and follow you back.
Have fun everyone!



  1. Hi, Heather,
    Lovin' everything, as usual!

  2. new follower Weekend Blog Hop Love your work please visit our blog todays blog is Bottle Art

  3. Nice stuff...visiting from

  4. I love your work! Thanks for visiting my blog. Why not join us at the Melange challenge? I used to live in San Diego and miss it during tough winters like the one we just had here in NH :)